Suraj Nagarwal - From Newbie to Funnel Expert


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For many, they might understand what it’s like to be “tight on cash” when it comes to monthly expenses. But as you’ll hear in this interview, Suraj Nagarwal was unable to even pay for his $3.00 per month payments to keep his blog and websites running. That’s when he decided to make a change!

Listen in on this very inspiring story of how Suraj became a funnel expert in just a few short years! We’ll hear of the impact Russell and the One Funnel Away Challenge have had on him in his time within the ClickFunnels community.

We’ll be chatting about some great things the “offer stacking” can have on you as a whole, regardless of what industry you are in. We will also chat about traffic, and how organic traffic can be super impactful (thank you Rachel Miller for this information in OFA 2.0). We will also chat about what’s to come for Suraj moving forward!

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