Building Your Product Muscles & Developing Strong Product Teams (with Petra Wille, Product Coach and Author "Strong Product People")


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An interview with Petra Wille. Petra is a Product Leadership Coach and author of the new book "Strong Product People - A Complete Guide to Developing Great Product Managers".

We speak about a lot, including:

  • How a desire to affect change at scale moved her away from individual coaching to coaching Product Leaders
  • How she happened upon Product Management by being the best communicator on the development team
  • How a desire for a practical Product Leadership playbook led her to write her own
  • The importance of setting expectations and making incremental progress and not always aiming for perfect
  • The challenges of selling good Product thinking to senior management and some approaches to do it
  • The challenge of getting good management experience and becoming a good people manager without focused coaching
  • Some of the challenges facing women Product Leaders and if it's getting better or worse
  • Whether it's necessary to have a background in development to be an effective PM, or if it's even desirable
  • When to stick at a Product job and try to make it better, and when it's time to leave
  • The importance of making time for people development amongst all of the urgent day-to-day work

And much more!

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