Data-driven Product Delivery & Story Points on Everything (with James Rooney, Delivery Manager @ Discovery Inc.)


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James is a Delivery Manager for Discovery Inc., a VOD entertainment platform. James is a passionate advocate for using story points for just about everything, and using data to inform delivery decisions. We speak about a few topics, including:

  • How to bring delivery together across multiple technical streams for a big media company
  • The interplay between Delivery and Product and the importance of a good Product Manager
  • How to get Product, Delivery & Engineering to work harmoniously
  • How story points can save the world and how to use them properly
  • Whether Scrum is any good and some of the ways to make it work for your business
  • The tricky balance between Product Delivery and fixing tech debt
  • How to use the data you already have to help inform future delivery decisions
  • How to use data to sell your message to the leadership team
  • How running a band and running Product Delivery are pretty similar

And much more!

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