Design Thinking & Finding the Time for Design Sprints (with Yoav Farbey, Senior Product Manager @ PARK NOW)


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An interview with Yoav Farbey. Yoav is a Senior Product Manager at PARK NOW, an international company aiming to find you parking spaces and ensure you don't have to fumble around for spare change when you get one. Yoav has travelled from Computer Science to foundership, Product Analyst, Product Consultant and now leading teams and pushing design thinking.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • The age old battle about whether "Product Owner" should be a job title of its own, and how it differs from being Product Management
  • Starting his own startup because engineering wasn't for him, how it went and why he called it quits
  • Getting into Product Analytics as a first step, how it helped him be better Product Manager
  • What it was like working for a consultancy, and how he managed to keep engaged when the client relationship is so transitory
  • Using design sprints in the wild, getting engagement and how to get buy in and demonstrate their value
  • What to do when you can't get a design sprint going, and how to use the best aspects in shorter sessions
  • How to help large corporations make products effectively and communicate efficiently
  • How SAFe isn't all that bad really (the humanity!)

And much more!

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