Driving Digital Transformation & Products for Product Managers (with Moshe Mikanovsky, Senior PM @ Procom)


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An interview with Moshe Mikanovsky. Moshe is a Senior Product Manager for Procom, a Canadian-based recruitment company, as well as a blogger and budding podcaster.

We speak about a lot, including:

  • His journey from developing software for the Israel Defence Force to Product Management, how agile the army was, and what it taught him
  • The difference in working cultures between Israel, the USA and Canada, and how he has navigated them
  • His side hustle as a product consultant for a "social media for content creators"
  • His passion for transforming companies, and bringing in agile processes & practices
  • What do do when Agile transformation doesn't work and how to keep it relevant
  • The importance of building his personal brand, and his plans for a new podcast focused on "Products for Product Managers"
  • His plans to pay it forward by writing blogs, appearing on webinars, and sharing his expertise with others

And much more!

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