From Management Consultant to Product Manager (with Deepti Tadala, Technical Product Manager @ Synacor)


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An interview with Deepti Tadala. Deepti is a Technical Product Manager with Synacor, a technology firm based in upstate New York, and a former management consultant with Deloitte. She's also a Founding 200 Member at Product School, former Content Lead for Products by Women, and a member of Toastmasters International.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • The difference between Technical Product Managers and non-Technical Product Managers
  • The importance, even as a TPM, of having close contact with customers and considering the market
  • How working as a Management Consultant for Deloitte prepared her for Product Management, and how it didn't
  • The troubles of getting that first Product Management job when racing against the immigration clock
  • Learning to be a Product Manager and the importance of walking the walk
  • Her passion for education and using her story to inspire others and pay it forward
  • The importance of learning public speaking skills even if you don't want to speak publicly
  • The importance of having a platform for women to share experiences and support each other
  • Her power morning schedule and what it helps her to achieve

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