Growth Marketing & Reshaping the World of eCommerce (with Nichole DeMeré, CMO @ Reeview)


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An interview with Nichole DeMeré. Nichole is CMO at Reeview, a new eCommerce video review platform, as well as Taggg, a calendar scheduling solution. Nichole is a passionate growth marketer, consultant, community builder and mentor.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • The story behind Reeview, how they're looking to revolutionise eCommerce, and some of the early traction they're getting
  • Why Nichole prefers working with early stage start ups and getting in on the ground floor, and thriving in chaos
  • The difference between growth hacking techniques & general marketing, and which strategies & tactics to use
  • How businesses seeking growth need to get ready to experiment and test their most important hypotheses
  • The importance of having both qualitative and quantitative data, and their preference for having conversations with people
  • Why it's important to focus your growth strategy and not try to hit too many channels at once
  • Whether Nichole is up with all the new trends in tech or their own worst nightmare when it comes to marketing
  • The importance of mentorship and paying it forward and their advice for the next generation of SaaS marketers
  • How someone starts out in a one horse town and takes over the world of B2B Marketing
More about Reeview

You can find out about Reeview on Reeview's website or Reeview @ Product Hunt.

Contact Nichole

You can find Nichole everywhere. A few places included Product Hunt, LinkedIn, Twitter or their own website

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