Practical Product Management & Demonstrating Product Thinking (with Büşra Coşkuner, Product Consultant & Coach)


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An interview with Büşra Coşkuner. Büşra is a Product Consultant & Coach who works with organisations and individuals to embed Product Management principles.

We speak about a lot, including:

  • Practical Product Management - you can't learn all of the frameworks
  • How her experience in Berlin helped but also hindered her move to a different working culture in Switzerland
  • The challenge of the acronym "MVP" and how no two people think it means the same thing
  • Companies where leaders don't have product thinking or worse still think they have product thinking
  • The importance of demonstrating product thinking not just talking about it and being idealistic
  • How important No Code solutions are for the Product community and what they unlock for busy Product teams
  • The challenges of being a woman in tech and seeing things in retrospect, and her trepidation of being a working mum

And much more!

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