Lifelong learning & the perils of time-based roadmaps (with Andrea Saez, Product Growth & Education @ ProdPad)


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An interview with Andrea Saez. Andrea works in Product Growth & Education for ProdPad. She's a lifelong learner, educator and advocate, looking to help Product Managers make good decisions. We talk about her journey into Product Management, why certifications aren't all that they cracked up to be and how Human Psychology helps make good product decisions. We talk about:

  • How Andrea got into Product Management after being the first person to ask her boss "why?"
  • Why Customer Support staff are ideally placed to become Product Managers
  • How Andrea stays motivated during all of her social media product management advocacy, and how she loves Mondays
  • Why date-based roadmaps are the devil and why management want them because of Previous Product Trauma
  • How Product need to take more responsibility when Sales make a commitment
  • Why certifications aren't really worth much without follow on experience

And much more!

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