Product Marketing & the Importance of Pirate Metrics (with Abby Hehemann, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ GetResponse)


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An interview with Abby Hehemann. Abby is Senior Product Marketing Manager for GetResponse, a full stack marketing platform. She's passionate about Product Management and Product-Led Growth, and using data to monitor and inform Product Marketing decisions. Abby is also a features speaker with Product-Led Growth Hub.

  • The role of Product Marketing and importance of getting close to the Product team
  • Pirate metrics (AARRR!) and how you can use them to monitor the health of your funnel
  • The concept of Product-Led Growth and how companies can take their first steps to being Product-Led
  • The importance of communication and collaboration between functions
  • How she got involved with Product-Led Growth hub and their future collaboration plans
  • Whether Product Marketing should report to the VP of Marketing or the VP of Product
  • Most importantly, whether you can get get good nachos in Poland

And much more!

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