Redefining Product-Led Growth (with Heather James, Founder @ Product-Led Alliance)


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An interview with Heather James. Heather is the Founder of The Product-Led Alliance, providing a community, events and materials fora community of passionate product professionals, obsessed with Product-Led Growth. We talk about...

  • What the Product-Led Alliance is and what it offers
  • Why Heather is so passionate about Product-Led Growth and some of the challenges in getting there
  • How she defines Product-Led Growth and how it differs from the dictionary definition
  • What made her start the Product-Led Alliance when she did
  • How a community with so much free content pays the bills
  • How they had to pivot because of COVID-19
  • What makes her most proud of the Product-Led Alliance so far
  • Future ambitions to take over the world
  • Shock horror ... a rival podcast! mumble grumble

And much more!

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