Scaling your Product Team with Product Operations (with Christine Itwaru, Senior Director of Product Operations @ Pendo)


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An interview with Christine Itwaru. Christine is Senior Director of Product Operations at Pendo. Christine is a problem-solving, Product-obsessed New Yorker who has swapped the Big Apple for the City of Oaks as Senior Director of Product Operations for Pendo. We talk about the fundamentals of Product Ops, how it works at Pendo, the types of people you need, what they can do for you, and when you need them.

We talk about a lot:

  • How she traded the Big Apple for the City of Oaks, moving to Raleigh, North Carolina to work with Pendo
  • The exciting challenges and opportunities of working for a hypergrowth SaaS company
  • What Product Operations is and how it can help a company as it scales, and how Christine made it happen
  • The core skills and mindset needed to work in Product Operations
  • The difference between being data-driven & data-informed, or whether there's any difference at all
  • The importance of cross-functional communication for Product Ops, and Product teams in general
  • Some of the challenges being a woman in tech and how she's trying to help solve them

And much more!

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