Surviving a Lack of Product Thinking & Riding the Product Maturity Curve (with Nis Frome, Co-founder & VP Product @ Feedback Loop)


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An interview with Nis Frome. Nis is the co-founder and VP of Product at Feedback Loop, an agile research platform. Nis took over as VP of Product after wearing many other hats. He's also a mentor and podcaster, with a keen interest in sharing with the community and helping to inspire other product managers with thought leadership.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • What made him go into entrepreneurship straight out of college
  • Why he took over the product function and whether it was a classic case of executive swoop in
  • How real world product management can differ so much from what's in the books
  • How to avoid getting depressed if everything's not like the books on day one
  • How to land the message about good product management practices with execs who haven't read said books
  • Whether a product manager on the ground can fix a poorly performing organisation on their own
  • The importance of connecting the dots and understanding how a product manager's decisions drive outcomes
  • How different people and teams in a company can be on different parts of the product maturity curve and whether this matters
  • Effectively segmenting your customers and working out how to prioritise when their needs are different

And much more!

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