Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD - Food Addiction


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We’re talking about food addiction today with Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD, from her latest book, “Rezoom: The Powerful Reframe to End the Crash-and-Burn Cycle of Food Addiction”. Susan is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester and an expert in the psychology of eating. She is President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss and the founder of the worldwide Bright Line Eating movement. Her first two books, including “Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free,” became New York Times bestsellers and instant Hay House favorites. Her work weaves the neuroscience of food addiction with powerful insights from Positive Psychology, IFS, and 12-Step Recovery to outline a roadmap for achieving true integrity and self-authorship around food. Learn more about her and the Bright Line program at

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