#357: 5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes: How To Avoid Them & Save Money with Emily Hirsh


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5 common Facebook ad mistakes -- and how to avoid them!

Listen, Facebook ads don’t need to be complicated or messy. Oh no, my friend! Quite the opposite. They should be a powerful and effective tool for growing your online business and attracting your ideal community.

My guest and Facebook ads expert, Emily Hirsh, is on a mission to help you become BFFs with advertising on Facebook. In this episode, she shares the 5 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when using this growth strategy and how to avoid them.

She gives you tangible action items so you can get started with her advice today.

Whether you’ve been using Facebook ads for years, or you’ve been a little intimidated to dive into them, this episode is going to ease those fears and make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • [06:02] Mistake #1: Not defining what success means for your marketing.
  • [10:05] Mistake #2: Not doing enough testing -- most of the time messaging is the problem.
  • [12:43] Mistake #3: Only running one campaign.
  • [15:45] When you boost a post the objective of your ad is engagement. Put ads in every spot of your customer journey where you would like people to take action.
  • [19:32] Mistake #4: Not letting the testing work long enough.
  • [23:38] Mistake #5: Not paying attention to the numbers. Test, refine, and repeat. The numbers will always tell you what to do.

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