#358: Your Backstage Pass To The Entrepreneur Experience: The Best Advice You’ll Receive This Year


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Your VIP behind-the-scenes peek into my virtual event, Entrepreneur’s Experience: The Course Creators edition just arrived!

That’s right, sweet friend! I’m sharing powerful snippets from the speakers at my December virtual event. Here’s a little rundown of who you’re about to hear from…

  • Michael Hyatt, my personal mentor, and brilliant entrepreneur, dishes on organization strategies for increasing your productivity
  • Zafira Rajan, an expert copywriter, and soulful brand strategist is sharing strategies for making your sales page headlines and bio stand out
  • Jasmine Star, Queen of Instagram and branding, will be spilling the beans on something she calls “photo topics” and easy ways to make a “photo bank”
  • Stu McLaren, membership master and our favorite funny guy, is digging into creating an engaged community that actually wants to participate.
Here’s your high dose course creator and entrepreneurial inspiration…
  • [03:20] Today is your lucky day because I’m sharing clips from the Entrepreneur Virtual Experience. These are tips that every entrepreneur should know when building the business of their dreams.
  • [04:38] Michael Hyatt shares how to redesign your day and tackle tasks effectively to increase productivity.
  • [07:54] Zafira Rajan talks about how to make headlines and bios do the selling for you.
  • [16:20] Jasmine Star shares how to keep it simple with an Instagram productivity plan by creating photo topics and a photo bank. All you need is a camera/phone and caption templates. (Jasmine even shares an action item.)
  • [22:32] Stu McLaren talks about creating a strong community with strong engagement.

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