80 - Dirty Cop and Lousy Attorney Put Innocent Man Behind Bars for 23 Years. Lamonte McIntyre’s Story


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On April 15, 1994, two men in Kansas City, Kansas were shot dead in broad daylight. Lamonte McIntyre, an innocent seventeen-year-old, was falsely accused of the crime. Due to multiple, hideous perversions of justice, he would spend the next twenty-three years in prison. Today, he is a successful businessman and co-founder of Miracle of Innocence, a non-profit designed to get other wrongfully convicted people out of prison and provide them the resources necessary to thrive. But no amount of financial prosperity or philanthropy can make up for lost time. In this episode of Open Mike, Lamonte takes us through the events of that fateful day, breaks down the corruption that defined his trial, and explains how, after everything, he remains unbitter about his misfortune.

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