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This week on Opinions That Don't Matter we find ourselves wandering through the ideas of debt, fancy restaurants, ugly Christmas trees and stolen miniature owls...
* California Lockdown / Gavin Newsom / Purple Stage?
* White House Covid Briefing… Vaccine update, FDA, Moderna, Pfizer, and Dr. Faucci
* Hip Restaurant Names
* STK - It’s either stick or steak… I don’t eat sticks
* Sqirl? Are they advocating eating them? Who eats squirrels you may ask yourself
* Owl Rescued from Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
* https://www.nbcnews.com/news/animal-news/tiny-owl-rescued-rockefeller-center-christmas-tree-travelled-170-miles-n1248166
* Canadians like to tell Americans about who in the US is a Canadian
* The EMP Museum in Seattle Washington
* Jimi Hendrix collection
* Where in Michigan are you from? Show me on the hand
* Talking about French Culture
* Creole Louisiana French impression
* The gift of an automobile for Christmas
* Dying with a lot of credit.
* Kati’s Student Loans
* How we built credit as younger people
* How we built our business from credit
* Talking about Debt
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