1881: 5 Reasons Ditching FIRE For FIOR Might Be Your Best Financial Move by Lisa Harrison of Mad Money Monster


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Lisa Harrison of Mad Money Monster talks about why FIOR is better than FIRE

Episode 1881: 5 Reasons Ditching FIRE For FIOR Might Be Your Best Financial Move by Lisa Harrison of Mad Money Monster

Lisa is a mother, scientist, and financial enthusiast. She founded Mad Money Monster, a personal finance blog chronicling her and her family’s journey from doing money all wrong to doing it all right.

She and her husband are known as Mr. & Mrs. Mad Money Monster on the site. They pride themselves as being Gen-Xers who have turned it all around and are now charting a course toward financial independence.

The original post is located here: https://madmoneymonster.com/2019/11/11/5-reasons-ditching-fire-for-fior-might-be-your-best-financial-move/

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