1186: Can You Catch Heart Disease From A Chair by Bryce Hastings with Les Mills


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Bryce Hastings with Les Mills talks about how much danger there is in sitting too much.

Episode 1186: Can You Catch Heart Disease From A Chair by Bryce Hastings with Les Mills

As Les Mills Creative Director, Diana works with fitness professionals, exercise scientists and a global tribe of instructors to shape the music and moves that feature in some of the world’s most popular workouts. Every three months she drives the creation of new releases for each of these programs. These are elaborately filmed with the world’s top instructor talent, often with Diana as part of the international presenter team. In between rounds of filming Diana regularly jets to international fitness events, presenting the latest Les Mills™ releases to crowds of thousands, and speaking to industry professionals.

The original post is located here: https://www.lesmills.com/fit-planet/health/sitting/

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