1376: What Our Ancestors Can Teach Us About Healthy Eating by Kathy Robinson of Athena Wellness


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Kathy Robinson of Athena Wellness shares healthy eating lessons passed on from our ancestors.

Episode 1376: What Our Ancestors Can Teach Us About Healthy Eating by Kathy Robinson of Athena Wellness

Prior to becoming a certified wellness coach and author of The Athena Principles – Simple Wellness Practices for Overworked Professionals, Kathy Robinson spent more than 25 years assessing the wellness of Fortune 500 companies. She was a Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer before turning the lens from professional assessments to personal ones and began helping her clients optimize their well-being, especially in times of transition or when striving toward new wellness goals. She also teaches and facilitates online offerings based on her wellness methodology that include practices such as writing and meditation.

The original post is located here: https://athenawellness.com/blog/2021/3/15/what-our-ancestors-can-teach-us-about-healthy-eating

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