Epigenetic Longevity Expert & Author Dr. Melissa Petersen on Leveraging Stress to Your Advantage and Thriving Everyday


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We have Dr. Melissa Petersen, an author, speaker, epigenetic longevity expert, and founder of Longevity Life Hub. She also has a crazy interesting background which included a journey into the world of professional wrestling where she was a wrestling personality. Dr. Melissa has over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry plus great energy and a flow that you'll immediately notice. And in today's episode, it's essentially a masterclass on stress. Not just stress as you're typically used to hearing it, but stress from an epigenetic and longevity standpoint for the high performing entrepreneur. Grab a pen and a pad as lots of jewels are dropped in this episode to further propel you on the journey to being a superhuman entrepreneur.
In today's episode, you'll hear:

  • Insights and lessons learned from an unexpected 2020
  • Melissa’s previous life in professional wrestling, and the benefits from that
  • Stress as a tool to leverage (and why you should say “yes to it)
  • The 3 categories of stress
  • Stress and the various hormones connected to it
  • How stress and longevity are connected (epigenetics is discussed here)
  • How stress and your mindset are connected
  • Opportunities and methods to improve how you handle stress
  • Stress and recovery (and some beneficial nutrients)
  • And much more

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