Orange Lounge Radio Episode 839 - 10/18/2020


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Tonight we tackle a topic that has effected us all during our pandemic and we talk about mental health. How can video games help us during these times and have a positive impact on our mental health? Conversely, what are things we can do to avoid making bad decisions for our mental health? Our special guest E, a gamer who hosts the podcast Am I Mental? joins us to discuss these questions and much more. We also get into a lot of gaming news for the week including a very interesting partnership between Gamestop and Microsoft. Could Microsoft have found a way to nudge the Xbox Series X into a few more homes? Also in the news: * Playstation 4 8.0 Firmware * Level 5 North America Closes * Analogue PC Ending * Xbox 360 Cloud Saves now Free All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio! LIVE on the VOG Network, Sunday nights at 6 Pacific, 9 Eastern Twitter: @olr Mailbag: participate (at) orangeloungeradio dot com

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