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Each and every one of us deals with fear. And, most of us either consciously or subconsciously running away from what we fear most. That’s unfortunate considering that what lies beyond the fear that keeps us back is what we desire most – fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose. Today, I am joined by big wave surfer, archer, and father, Shane Dorian to talk about how to manage fear and use it as fuel to do great things in our lives. We talk about the power of proximity, why mentorship (even if informal) is so crucial, the necessity of evolution, the concept of progressive exposure to the things that scare us, loving the challenge, and how to chase down our fears.


  • Competitive surfing
  • Growing up with distractions
  • Riding waves as a kid
  • Surfing as a pro
  • Finding mentorship
  • Being the minority
  • A mothers sacrifice
  • Creating congruency
  • Being a good father
  • Developing an industry
  • Surfing big wave
  • Inflatable wetsuits
  • Calculated decisions
  • Progressive exposure
  • Connecting with nature


My guest today is someone who is well known for his ability to ride huge waves but what he’s accomplished in his life goes so much deeper than that. I met Shane earlier this year while hunting in Arizona and I was immediately drawn to his calm, confident presence considering all that I knew about what he’s been able to accomplish.

Shane is a family man first (we talk a lot about that on today’s podcast), a big wave surfer, an inventor, and is an avid bow hunter. And, he’s also an incredible human being who has faced life and death situations in the ocean, successfully built a career on the back of a surfboard, and a leader of his family as a devoted husband and father.


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