Mission First, Intuitive vs. Intentional, and the Repentance | ASK ME ANYTHING


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In this week’s ASK ME ANYTHING, Ryan Michler and Kipp Sorensen discuss “matching shirts” and tackle your questions from the Order of Man Facebook Group. Hit Ryan up on Instagram at @ryanmichler and share what’s working in your life.


(33:20) How did you choose a denomination within Christianity?

(40:30) How do you forgive yourself?

(43:00) How do you stay focused and determined when you are in the middle of a financial rough patch?

(51:16) Will you be having any events for dads and daughters up in Maine?

(52:14) Do you have any tips on how to start enjoying your wife again when you don’t enjoy her currently?

(57:00) Why do you no longer conclude your podcast with the question “what is the definition of a man?”

(59:10) When you start to feel yourself straying from the path, how do you realign?

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