Mashup 1 - Arkham Horror X Cluedo


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Dr Black has been... sacrificed? Monsters and cultists are running amok in the mansion? Mrs Peacock is armed with brass knuckles?? Something wicked has come to Cluedo.... well, more wicked than your average murder anyway! Highlights include:

- There's absolutely nothing funny about 'Peacock'

- Some rooms are obviously better than others

- We have a whole section dedicated to illiteracy

- What is a conservatory?

- Slaves don't brighten the place up

- If you're not wearing the correct mask, you might as well leave

- Nibbles? Yes please!

- Have you ever played Clarten?

- We make a life long enemy in the Lizard Man - who even invited him anyway?

- It was Mrs Wipe with the Sage

- What games can we add Hitler to?

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