From C-Section to Free Birth


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One of the things I hear most often from women who had a transcendent, empowering, largely independent, birth experience, is that it wipes out the residue of former births they may have had, where they were more entrenched in the allopathic system.

Women who had C-sections have gone on to have triumphant free-births at home, which we’ll hear about in today’s episode.

All of the education I put out around this topic is to reassure and REMIND you that YOU can do this.


In order to have this kind of orgasmic, ecstatic birth experience means taking the reins early on in your journey.

Even during conception.

As you work out the kinks and blocks in yourselves and the collective of your relationship, you free up the flow for a smoother conception, pregnancy and birth.

Anything significant that is NOT resolved between you, will show up in your birth.

And even before that in your pregnancy and even before THAT in your conception journey.

Combine all of that with the programming and imprinting you receive around birth, you’ve got a lot of work to do to clear the space.

The most important “preparation” you can do is on your mindset, your fears, your internalized beliefs and then setting to work on reframing and recreating all of that to fit the vision YOU want to have.

In today’s episode, we are talking with our Well-F**ked All Star couple of the year, Mark and Amanda.

Their story is amazing, and encapsulates ALL of the concepts I’ve just described.

Amanda’s first child was breech, and she was told that she’d have to have a C-section.

Her fourth child was born at home, in her bed, with just her husband present. This was a free birth, with no one attending her pregnancy either.

In between all of that was FIVE miscarriages.

Their story is amazing, inspirational and super entertaining, as they share what happened and how they evolved along the way.

Anyone can take their power back, and recreate their lives.

Including you.

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