The Anami Guarantee: All Women. All Orgasms.


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This is one of my favourite things to put out there to people:

The promise that everyone CAN.

Whatever age or stage you are in your life, you can achieve all of the epic sexual adventures and milestones I talk about.

I guarantee it.

All women can:

  • Produce tsunamis of lubrication. Yes, even when menopausal, pregnant or postpartum.
  • Ejaculate across the room.
  • Have multiple, daily, G-Spot, cervical, nipple and energy and anal orgasms.
  • Shoot ping pong balls with their vaginas.

These things are possible for every woman.

But Mila didn’t think they were possible for her.

She says: “I felt like I would probably be that one woman who didn’t get there.

I thought it was probably true for everybody, but given my whole sexual history from childhood onward and how I’ve always thought about sex, I didn’t think it was possible for me.”

How wrong she was.

After some Anami schooling, now she says things like:

“I want to have sex every single day.”

“I have cervical orgasms all the time now.”
“I want to get my husband’s pants off as soon as possible.”

“I’m pretty much always turned on.”

“I love giving him blow jobs.”

It was possible for Mila and it’s possible for you.

One of the reasons I LOVE featuring our All Stars, is so you know that you, too, can overcome any seeming obstacle, and turn yourself into a well-f**ked woman.

Every. Woman. Can.

I guarantee it.


The Well-F**ked Woman Salon—the ultimate guide to how to live, love and orgasm in a female body—is now OPEN for registration.

In the salon we cover:

  • All the different vaginal orgasms and how to get there: G-Spot, cervical and squirting
  • Self-pleasuring 101
  • Using your feminine energy to achieve, magnetize and navigate the world
  • The secrets of surrender: in bed and in life
  • Breast massage to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts
  • BDSM 101
  • Cock whispering secrets from yours truly, the “cock witch”
  • And much, much more!

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