🚨EMERGENCY PODCAST🚨 Sooners Joining SEC and Leaving Big 12!? Time for OU fans to chant SEC, SEC, SEC !?| Recruiting ramifications| It just means more, Pawl!| Why did A&M leak it and what's the latest on it all, including the timeline for the move?


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EMERGENCY PODCAST! Sooners Joining SEC and Leaving Big 12?| Recruiting ramifications| Time for OU fans to SEC, SEC, SEC!? | It just means more, Pawl! | Why did A&M leak it and what's the latest on it all, including the timeline for the move?

OUinsider.com Sooners beat writers and analysts Brandon Drumm, Collin Thune, and Parker Thune got together for an EMERGENCY OUinsider Under the Visor Sooners Podcast because the news was leaked by Houston Chronicle's Brent Zwerneman. The OUiinsider trio talks about what is to come for OU and Texas as the two blue bloods seemingly try and break free from the Big 12 Conference.

Here is the Under the Visor Sooners Podcast topic breakdown with timestamps:

00:00 - Intro where Brandon introduces what's to come on the podcast and talks with Collin and Parker about the initial shock of the news telling the world that OU and Texas are working to be accepted into the SEC and leaving the Big 12. All three have some very intriguing takes on how they reacted and what they heard from the jump on the situation.

06:00 - The reactions from other Big 12 programs and how the OUinsider analysts feel about the move after the initial shock.

13:00 - The original Big 12 and the Big 12 South was lethal and were the SEC West before the SEC West became what it is today. Programs like OU, OKstate, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor made that division just lethal from 2000 to 2010.

17:00 - Texas A&M leaked the news to preserve their "identity" as the lone SEC program in this region or state of Texas. That has backed fired a bit and the other SEC programs are still wanting to add OU and Texas from all reports and sources the OUinsdier staff talks to. All that said, what does this do to A&M and how much does this hinder their program with the two schools that they struggled the most with while in the Big12 potentially joining the SEC?

24:00 - Continued talk about how/why A&M has the biggest issue with OU and Texas coming into the SEC. Will history repeat itself or does Jimbo Fisher have the Aggie program at a much better place heading into the inevitable situation of OU/Texas joining the SEC and A&M having to share that title in this region now of being the deepest league in the CFB?

34:00 - Why Arkansas has a lot to gain with recruiting territories they once had a strong footprint in being there for the Hogs again, with OKPreps and TXHFB becoming a place where Arkansas can recruit heavily again. Both states now in the SEC make for a bigger footprint if you're the Hogs and they could take over the second program in the state of Oklahoma on the recruiting trail.

38:00 - Why Collin and Brandon feel A&M can thrive with OU and Texas in the SEC. Fisher has A&M recruiting nationally and the analysts explain why that's big with what's to come for A&M.

43:00 - Why OU is pushing hard to get on an SEC schedule sooner rather than later. The analysts discuss how bad the Big 12 conference schedule has been and why it's hurt Oklahoma's bottom line and why

55:00 - Is OU the second or third best team in the SEC already?

57:00 - How the SEC logo automatically changes the national narrative of Oklahoma and why the staff feels the Sooners will be a good fit in the SEC.

1:00:00 - Can OU/TX be playing an SEC schedule by 2022 or 2023?

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