2021 Sooners fall camp talk| 2 things that can cost OU a natty & 2 things that if they are done Oklahoma wins a natty | breakout players predicted| 5-star recruitng talk with OU hot on recruiting trail!


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Sooners fall camp 2021 talk| 2 things that can cost OU a natty & 2 things that if they are done Oklahoma wins a natty | breakout players predicted| 5-star recruiting talk with OU hot on recruiting trail!

00:00 - OU football is BACK! Not ready to crown them just yet, but lots of positives from Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch, Bill Bedenbaugh, and Calvin Thibodeaux so far (and if you didn't know, it has just been 4 practices, now 6 so temper excitement, per Coach Bedenbaugh)!

05:00 - OU defense just looks physically different than anyone can truly remember. We name the guys that stood out in our 20-25 minutes at practice on Tuesday.

10:00 - Things coaches have said that have piqued our interest and why. Also, what else did we take away from our minimal time with practice viewing?

16:00 More on what the staffers have said on position battles and our thoughts on those battles. The offensive tackle position talk; the center position seems Andrew Raym's to lose, and young guys are pushing the older returnees for playing time. Who do we think will play?

30:00 - Why Brandon thinks the wide receiver position is pivotal for OU's success this year. He dives into consistency being the key after nine dropped TD's, and then the OUinsider staff transitions into two things OU can't have happen if they want to win the national title.

1:00:00 - Safety position talk: The staff talks about a topic that OUinsider VIP Board members do not like, and that the two returning starters are underrated (Pat Fields and Delarrin Turner-Yell) and deserve respect on their names for their leadership and the fact they keep holding off players more athletically gifted over and over. The real question is the depth at safety, and the OUinsider staff thinks that is as good and deep as it has been in years.

1:04:00 - Also, two things that OU HAS TO HAPPEN for the Sooners to win a national title. OUinsider staff -- and Collin in particular -- goes on a rant for why he thinks the Sooners win the national title in the 2021 season first. The podcast self-proclaimed "realist" is stepping out and saying why he thinks this is OU's year! He finishes his two reasons why OU wins the natty, and the rest of the staff follows with their two reasons why Oklahoma wins it all in 2021.

Collin does go off on why Spencer Rattler is the most undervalued preseason Heisman frontrunner he can remember. Due to his spring play, the Caleb Williams buzz has been interesting this off-season to follow with a returner and possible top-5 pick back for OU.

Parker thinks Marvin Mims, Mike Woods, and most specifically, Austin Stogner go off in 2021. Defensively, Parker says a lockdown corner has to emerge and explains why with solid players at the position in 2021 like DJ Graham, Woodi Washington, Latrell McCutchin, Jaden Davis, and Justin Harrington.

Brandon says the QB room has to stay healthy. Depth is great with the first two in Spencer Rattler and Caleb Williams, but it gets a bit dicey after that. He calls for a bold prediction that there will be two players with 10+ sacks in 2021. The staff breaks down how possible that is and comes up with two players, with 8 sacks being the happy medium. Really solid discussion all the way around there.

1:20:00 - Perrion Winfrey or Jalen Redmond as first-rounders? Who is most likely? Staff is separated on that—all three with good reasons for their choice between the two.

1:30:00 One player on offense and one on defense that will have a surprise year. Staff each name their two guys.

1:40:00 - The rest of the podcast is ALL recruiting talk...

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