Sooners just days from start of 2021 season @ Tulane | Lofty Expectations | 2022 WR recruiting | 2023 recruiting class for the ages? | Biggest issues heading into week one | Recruiting Buzz & more!


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Here is the breakdown of the latest 'OUinsider: Under the Visor Sooners Podcast' :

00:00 - Brandon, Collin, and Parker intro into the podcast and then discuss their latest road travels covering the Sooners on the recruiting trail.

13:20 - The hype and expectation for the Sooners are VERY REAL heading into 2021. Can they live up to it? When was the last time there was hype like this for an OU season?

19:00 - Does this Sooners team have the leadership to fight through ups and downs and keep themselves on track? Can Spencer Rattler, Nik Bonitto, Jeremiah Hall, and other leaders keep this team's focus through all that will come at them in 2021?

22:00 - Who are the leaders on this team? Can players like Eric Gray, Isaiah Thomas, and Marvin Mims join them as leaders in 2021?

26:45 - Ralph Rucker is now the third-string QB for the Sooners. Who saw that coming? Parker Thune did... Another huge evaluation and win for Lincoln Riley at the QB position.

39:30 - Freshman LB Danny Stutsman is a dude and has been turning heads all fall camp long. Talk about that and Caleb Kelly getting a look at RUSH backer with Bonitto, Marcus Stripling, and Clayton Smith already there.

45:00 - Staff says you can't go off of how the OU staff rotates players in the Tulane game for how they will do things all season long. And why the Nebraska game on is where you'll see some consistency with rotations and overall lineups. Also, who they are excited to see play early on (Hint: Kelvin Gilliam, Caleb Williams, Ethan Downs, Jordan Mukes, Danny Stutsman, Billy Bowman, Mario Williams and more)

50:35 - Caleb Williams is that dude and why his attitude has been nothing but special all spring and fall camp. He is competing like he is up for the starting job and bringing it every day at practice. Staff discusses what else they have heard about the former five-star and top overall 2021 QB.

52:00 - That 2023 class with an INSANE start. Has any school started as hot as OU in their 2023 class... ever? Sooners are just getting started and could five-star WR DeAndre Moore follow his Los Alamitos teammates of Malachi Nelson and Makai Lemon to Norman?

57:40 - 2022 WR recruiting talk. What does a QB would do if they had one to lead the 2022 class? Does it make a difference? The staff lays out facts as to why they think it would and also discuss what they have heard regarding some WR's in the 2022 class that OU could pursue and more. (Talked about Jaqualyn Crawford. Brandon said it was in the 2018 class. Correction: He was in 2020).

1:07:00 - Staff asks and answers the question, "Should OU or Sooners fans worry about 2022 WR recruiting?" Hint: There are some smart-ass comments made. Staff talks about WR recruiting a bit more over a few OUinsider VIP nuggets already posted on the VIP Board.

1:15:30 - Staff finally gets back to 2023 five-star Brandon Inniss and what he brings to OU. They took a wrong turn and digressed BADLY. Staff says Inniss is up there with CeeDee Lamb and Marvin Mims as far as an overall talent that he brings to the table. He explains why he thinks that in this segment.

1:20:00 - Why the five-stars in the 2023 class are such polarizing and magnetic personalities. Also, why that will make the 2023 class that much more special.

1:22:00 - Final scrimmage breakdown with some sourced information over what the OUinsider staff has heard about that and the fall camp.

1:26:00 - Speed 'D' hype worth it? Can they live up to the expectations?

1:31:00 - The podcast ends with staff discussing the biggest concerns for the Sooners heading into week one against Tulane.

1:39:00 - Podcast ends.

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