Sooners look to rebound in week two | Rattler still growing up| Will he live up to the hype?| Who is the leader of this team? Who can be? Who will be?| Season on a brink? | Big recruiting weekend number 1 & MUCH MORE!


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00:00 - Intro where Brandon Drumm, Collin Kennedy, and Parker Thune discuss Riley's discussion from his presser and their thoughts on what Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch said during their pressers. Also, the Shane Whitter comments from Grinch.

04:00 - Can Spencer Rattler become the leader for the Sooners? Lincoln Riley touched on that and even said they lacked some leadership from Rattler and who is the ostensible leader for this 2021 Sooners football team? Is this the same situation as Ronnie Perkins and Rhamondre Stevenson's situation when they were out the first half of 2020? The OUinsider staff discusses who that guy may be and more.

11:00 - Is Spencer Rattler being asked to be too much too soon after only the 2020 season, no spring or summer, and just now getting his first spring and summer as the starting QB in 2021? Can we find out things by end of the Nebraska game and what to expect most of 2021 from Rattler and the OU offense?

13:00 - Back to leadership talk. Who is the big-moment guy that the team turns to? Again, Perkins was that guy even when suspended. Does this team have that guy? Does OU need to have that guy by the Nebraska game or can they organically figure it out and find that guy? Will OU handle business over the next few weeks heading into the Texas game?

17:00 - Tulane is a viable team that Sooners fans continue to overlook even after the game on Saturday. Staff discusses Michael Pratt and if OU is going to see a QB like him the rest of the year and discusses the fact Tulane could be seen as a good win come the end of the season. Much like Army in 2018. Also, venue change and game in New Orleans change the outcome and how OU approaches this game? Unanimously they say it would, but that is the bad part of the deal. Complacency set in due to that and shows some glaring issues that need to be resolved FAST.

23:00 - Again, the leadership question is asked by Brandon on what QB is viewed as the bigger leader already. The awkwardness that happened is something to behold. The answers were VERY, VERY solid and worth the listen alone.

26:00 - Lots of hypothetical talk on what would have to happen is for Lincoln Riley to look towards Caleb Williams if things continue to be up and down early in the season? No one thinks this will happen, and all three agree Rattler is too good to keep playing this way, but Texas game and the short leash is always something to behold if play stays the same?

29:00 - Parker with a really damning stat on Rattler that leads to the question of "Does Rattler live up to the hype?"

31:30 - Rattler's growth trajectory similar to Baker Mayfield? People forget how bad Mayfield was until the fourth quarter of Tennessee. Rattler will carry OU to victory and carry the Sooners on his back at some point this season. With that, what is living up to the hype we just talked about with Rattler?

34:30 - Does Alex Grinch's Speed 'D' live up to the preseason hype in 2021? In-depth conversation there.

39:00 - Danny Stutsman talk... That kid can ball. Staff talks about some standouts in a mess of negativity, the staff touches on some positive things about Saturday.

43:00 - Staff talks Florida stars on the roster and segways into some recruiting and Florida recruiting. Several HUGE visitors in the 2022 and 2023 classes. Some possibilities of five-star South Florida targets coming in that the staff is confirming. Along with California five-star targets that could make this Saturday a big deal and why the staff says the fan base better be on their game atmosphere-wise.

48:00 - Can the fans and student section be live after not selling out since 2019 due to Covid?

52:00 - Game predictions on the score for OU vs WCU on Saturday, leading rusher, receiver, tackler, etc. Game tickets and other giveaways are ahead for OU VIP members. Closing out the podcast.

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