A Haitian Author on Her Family’s Immigration Story, Celebrating and Supporting Black Women in the Media, and What We Lose Politically with the Death of Colin Powell


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Host Farai Chideya talks with award-winning writer Edwidge Danticat about why it’s important to tell specific stories that complicate the immigrant narrative in the U.S. Writer Zeba Blay shares insights from her new book about Black women in pop culture, “Carefree Black Girls.” TV and filmmaker Felicia Pride discusses her focus on Honeys in her work in entertainment. And on Sippin’ the Political Tea, foreign policy expert Hagar Chemali and Leah Wright Rigueur of Johns Hopkins University, a leading expert on Black Republicans, join Farai to discuss the significance of the death of one of the last moderate Black conservatives, Colin Powell.


1:40 Author Edwidge Danticat on complicating immigrant narratives

12:37 Culture critic Zeba Blay on her new book “Carefree Black Girls”

22:30 TV and filmmaker Felicia Pride on celebrating Black women over 40

31:28 Sippin’ the Political Tea: foreign policy expert Hagar Chemali and Leah Wright Rigueur, a leading expert on Black conservatives, examine the complicated legacy of Colin Powell

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