Bonus Level - Alien Autopsy!


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In a very special bonus episode, Our Three Chaps chat with actor Kezia Burrows!

Through her storied career, Kez has portrayed characters across film, television and videogames. With over a decade of experience working within the games industry, Kez regails our trio with stories of her time working on titles as varied as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Remember Me, Bravely Default II, Observation, 007 Legends, and, of course, the trouser soiling Alien: Isolation.

Acting as a canonical bridge between Alien and Aliens (the legendary sequel which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year), Isolation saw Kez stepping into the shoes of Amanda Ripley, providing motion capture as well as her very image. How did Kez become involved with the project? And how did our historically fearful trio get on with Alien: Isolation?

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