Out d'Coup | Ahmaud Arbery; Barr Wants Flynn Free; DeVos Releases New Sexual Assault Rules; Supreme Court Sides with Gov. Wolf; NASA Space Move; Space Force on Netflix; Free Will News


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Even the coronavirus can’t stop the deep-seated violent racism in the U.S. A white father and son in Georgia hunt down and kill Ahmaud Arbery, an African-American man who was suspected of jogging in a park. It was only video evidence that moved the case forward.

The Justice Dept. drops charges against Michael Flynn. The lead prosecutor for the case then quits.

Besty DeVos gets her way and finally releases new sexual assault rules calling for open hearings and more protections for the accused. The new rules are a serious blow to decades of work to systemically address sexual violence on college campuses.

In an effort to stay relevant, Adam Schiff releases the transcripts for the House Intelligent Committee’s closed-door interviews of the Russian investigation.

Supreme Court tells Danny DeVito, no, Gov. Wolf is not a demon dictator. The state-at-home order is perfectly Constitutional.

Gov. Wolf starts the process of opening up...very slowly.

NASA is working with Tom Cruise to shoot a movie in outer space. Like, for real.

Free Will has a new release: Sweet Cherry Vanilla Mash.

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