Out d'Coup | Back from Vacation; Gas on COVID Pyre; Georgia Off Rails; LV Stands Up; APSCUF Survey; PASSHE Returning; Trump Sues PA; Free Will, New Trail, Pizza Boy


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You might want to get that midnight train out of Georgia if you can find a State that will have you. Georgian Governor Kemp says that no municipality can impose a mask ordinance, and he’s willing to sue Atlanta’s mayor over it.

We’ve got secret Federal police are roaming the cities of ‘Merica.

Teachers across the country are beginning to organize and protest against their state’s push for in-person school this fall. Yes, they want to get back to teaching; no, they will not throw their bodies into the COVID pyre to accomplish it.

Lehigh Valley Stands Up is tearing things up in Allentown.

Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee have filed a series of lawsuits in Pennsylvania aiming to suppress hundreds of thousands of voters in the Commonwealth. They’re going after technicalities with mail-in ballots, dropboxes for those mail-in ballots, and allowing out-of-county poll watchers to intimidate voters of color in urban centers.

APSCUF survey shows that 70% of faculty are seriously concerned about returning to face-to-face instruction. 60% of respondents said the fall should be all remote instruction where possible. Over 40% reported having some type of underlying medical condition that the CDC puts them more at risk.

PASSHE Chancellor Greenstein basically lays his cards on the table, calling for the merger of 6 state-owned universities. His plan looks to merge California with Clarion, Edinboro with Slippery Rock, and Mansfield with Lock Haven. I guess the pandemic presents an opportunity that he just couldn’t refuse.

The decades of treating education like a corporation and college as an “experience” are coming home to roost.

In today’s last call, Free Will Releases, New Trail Brewing Reviews, and Pizza Boy gets canning. And, most importantly, Sean is slowing moving to his new place. One box at a time.

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