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Are we heading toward herd immunity? That’s what Trump’s new COVID-19 “medical advisor” is pushing. Fox News commentator, Radiologist Scott Atlas, has been long pushing herd immunity as a strategy. According to an analysis by The Washington Post, that would mean that about 65% of Americans would need to contract the virus. Assuming a fatality rate of 1%, that would mean over 2 million people in the U.S. will die.

Good thing Trump’s CDC just told the states to get ready to distribute a coronavirus vaccine by November 1.

Trump visits Kenosha, Wisconsin in order to stir the pot and fan the flames of racism and hate.

Trump tells crowds in North Carolina to vote twice. When pressed on it, he doubled down. Then he heading to Latrobe, PA to say the same thing.

Biden’s lead in new Monmouth University poll tightens to only 4 points, 49-45. The previous version of the poll released in July had Biden with a 13 point lead, 53-40.

Hey, did you see the new Biden speech? Law and Order? Really?

Close to 1.8 million Pennsylvanians are at risk of eviction since Governor Wolf refused to extend the moratorium and since Republicans haven’t done a thing to protect renters during this time.

Pennsylvania House and Senate Republicans came back early this week to push Donald Trump’s Voter Suppression agenda through the Assembly. House Bill 2626 seeks to “reform” the recently passed Act 77 by removing county drop boxes and allow out of county white nationalists to “watch over the polls” and intimidate black and brown voters.

If suppressing the vote isn’t your thing, well, then, maybe racism is. This week Cumberland County District Attorney Skip Ebert made some pretty racist comments on a thread about Jacob Blake being shot in the back 7 times AND Congressman Scott Perry took the time to explain that “systemic racism” isn’t really a thing.

The fallout from these racist incidents went far and wide. The Cumberland County Republicans, the York County Republicans, Skip Ebert, and Scott Perry all doubled-down on their racism.

But there is one shining light. The former chair of the York Republican Party posted on Facebook that he and his wife made max contributions to Eugene DePasquale over Scott Perry’s racism. The former county chair explained that he is in a biracial marriage and this was the first time he has ever donated to a Democrat. Naturally, the current York Republican chair - and disgraced former State Senator - Jeff Piccolla called the old party chair “a traitor.”

Outlier PASSHE universities are seeing spikes in cases and are being forced to curb their bravado. Bloomsburg University shuts down in-person classes after cases of COVID-19 explode. Lock Haven University hit the pause button on in-person classes for at least two weeks after a spike in cases. And, Kutztown University, ah, yes, Kutztown University, has seen cases at least triple this week.

Temple University also hit the two-week pause button on in-person classes after at least 103 new cases were reported over the weekend. On Tuesday, Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley told Temple students, "You should assume that anyone around you is infected," Farley said Tuesday, addressing Temple students. "Stay in your room or stay in your apartment unless you have to go out for essential errands. Wear a mask when you're around anyone else. Otherwise, this outbreak could grow quickly, and it could threaten the rest of the campus and the rest of the city." Just as student activists with the Student Coalition for Change have been warning, city officials are now concerns that Temple will be ground zero for a community outbreak.

ESU Food Service workers win their union election. (student solidarity committee, Kyle)

Sean cooks butt and gets a new kitchen cart. Kevin has near Internet breakdown. Beer recs for Free Will Brewing and Levante.

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