Out d'Coup LIVE | SPECIAL: Raging Chicken's Interview with Noam Chomsky on Occupy, Social Movements, and Higher Ed | Nov. 22, 2011


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The very first interview we ever did at Raging Chicken was with Noam Chomsky. Yup. Chomsky was the featured speaker for World Philosophy Day at Kutztown University in the fall of 2011. Kevin Mahoney reached out to Chomsky to see if there would be a chance that he'd be willing to be interviewed by a brand new left/progressive media site based out of Kutztown at the time. As you can see, he said yes.

The fall of 2011 was dominated by the Occupy movement and growing radicalism about gaping economic inequalities in the U.S. We talked quite a bit about Occupy, organizing, and social movements.

Be warned, the sound is really not good. We had very little idea what we were doing, but in classic punk rock DIY spirit, we did it anyway.

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