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On today’s show, I am thrilled to welcome Tara Zrinski to the show. Tara is the Democratic party candidate for State Rep in the Lehigh Valley's 138th State House district in Northampton County. If you haven’t been paying attention to this race yet, now is the time. Tara is campaigning on health care for all, protecting our environment, and protecting our democracy from corruption and the influence of big money. But more than that, she has consulted with workers, nurses, environmentalists, and community organizations to craft integrated policies that put the health of working families and our communities first. (Tara will bring the strength of these organizations to Harrisburg).

Born and raised in Bethlehem, Tara was elected to Northampton County Councilwoman in 2017. She has been an advocate for clean energy and sustainability. She worked as a Solar Energy Consultant for SunPulse Solar, supplementing her adjunct faculty career teaching Philosophy at Northampton Community College, Lehigh County Community College, and Lehigh University. Any Out d’Coup listener will be well acquainted with the challenges faced by adjunct faculty.

Tara is the Chair of the Energy, Environment, and Land Use Committee in Northampton County and a member of the committee of the same name at the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. In 2018, she formed the Industrial Hemp Ad Hoc Committee for Industrial Hemp to explore the economic development potential of the emerging crop and identify areas necessitating government support for farmers and industrial hemp business entrepreneurs.

In 2015, she self-published her first children's book, "All Ducks Are Birds, But, Not All Birds Are Ducks," a logic book for children which she wrote and illustrated.

Tara just got a big endorsement from Bernie Sanders as part of a battalion of candidates progressives are organizing behind to help take control of the PA House and Senate.


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