Out d'Coup | May Day Strikes at Amazon; Meatpacking and Food Supply Fails; More Idiots Call for Opening 'Merica; Chris Hayes; Biden Speaks; Space Force; Blue Origin to the Moon; Free Will Sours


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It’s May Day and workers are Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart, Walmart, FedEx, Target, and Ship are walking off the job. They are protesting the failure of the companies to provide basic protections for front-line workers while raking in record profits. One of the lead organizers for the walkout is Chris Smalls who is quickly gaining status a new brand of militant labor organizers. In early April, Vice News obtained an internal memo from Amazon leadership describing a campaign to smear Smalls.

Major coronavirus outbreaks in meatpacking plants around the country coupled with the dumping of thousands of tons of food, draw new attention to our broken food system and raises questions of the possibility of food shortages down the road.

Mike Pence decides to ditch his mask when visiting the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday.

More right-wing radicals showed up yesterday fully armed to the Michigan Capitol once again demanding an end to the shutdowns. On Thursday night, the Republican-dominated legislature refused to extend the state’s emergency declaration which was set to expire at midnight. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued new orders stating the emergency still exists.

#FireChrisHayes trends on Twitter after Hayes decides to break from the rest of the network and actually cover Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden like an actual journalist. In a world where #Resistance and Democratic Party leadership’s only campaign slogan is Trump-bad-man, they went after Hayes as if he signed a blood pact with Steve Bannon.

When about the accusations at a press conference, Nancy Pelosi told the reporter that she didn’t need a lecture and she supports Joe Biden, dismissing Tara Reade’s accusations and diminishing the #MeToo movement.

Biden took to Morning Joe this morning and in the face of direct questioning by Mika Brzezinski denies all of Reade’s accusations.

State Rep Daryl Metcalfe calls for the repeal of environmental regulations because coronavirus.

PA planning on relaxing COVID-19 restrictions later today. Which counties will be the first to rejoin the spreader communities. All this happening, of course, and the crisis in the state’s nursing homes continues.

Pennsylvania Republicans signed a letter Attorney General Barr to sue the Wolf administration.

NASA picks Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin National Team for the Artemis program’s plan to bring humans back to the Moon.

The application window for the Space Force opens today. But hold on there, future space cadets, this initial round will only be open for U.S. Air Force members who might want to transfer to the new branch of the military. More than 7,000 airmen, airwomen, and officers will be asked to transfer.

And, don’t forget, Netflix will release Space Force on May 29th! The series created by Greg Daniels and stars Steve Carrell.

We don’t have any Free Will Brewing new releases this week, but they do have more than 15 different bottles of barrel-aged sours just waiting for a good home. If you want a few recommendations to get you started, I’d go with The Pomisher, a barrel-aged sour with pomegranates; Kriek Noveau, a barrel and foudre aged sour ale with cherries; and, Fenberry Sauce, a barrel-aged sour ale with cranberries.

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