Out d'Coup | RBG; Torches and Pitchforks; David Plouffe Says Make them Pay; Anarchist Jurisdictions; 200,000 Deaths; Jordan Harris Takes Students First Money; Unicorns are Dead


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RIP in peace and justice RBG.

A time for torches and pitchforks. Even David Plouffe is calling for court-packing, getting rid of the filibuster, and statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. He told Chris Hayes last night that if the Democratic Party candidates can’t capitalize on the current political climate it’s political malpractice. He says is time to make the Republican Party pay the maximum price and have a plan to “grab the power and fully utilize it.”

COVID-19 deaths top 200,000. Trump says no one gets it.

Bill Barr declares New York City, Seattle, and Portland anarchist jurisdictions.

Mitch Romney rips off his unicorn mask.

Sean is concerned about all the empty sports stadiums around as he goes headfirst into the Twitter wars.

PA Rep Jordan Harris still taking checks from Students First - the right-wing, public school death PAC.

PA Senator Pat Toomey commits to backing Trump’s nominee

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