Episode 26: ‘Fatman’: A Holiday Movie Guaranteed to Blow Your Stockings Off


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Mel Gibson is back, and this time he’s… Santa? And he has to… partner with the US military? But he also has to… evade a hitman hired by a 12-year-old after Santa gave him a lump of coal?

Yes indeed, that is the plot of the latest holiday movie, ‘Fatman,’ featuring Mel Gibson and Walter Goggins. It was riveting, absurd, and entertaining—to say the least. It also may go down as one of Paul’s favorite Christmas movies of all time. What did we like about it? What moments made us spit out our hot chocolate? What sets it starkly apart from other holiday movies? Join Sean, Paul, and Jen as they discuss all this and more on this week’s episode of Out of Frame: Behind the Scenes.


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