Episode 24: C-PTSD and Anger - The Ugly Underbelly of Complex PTSD


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Episode 24

C-PTSD and Anger

The Ugly Underbelly of Complex PTSD

April 22, 2021

Today I am talking about anger and if you have C-PTSD, then you know anger. It’s not that you feel angry, but more that you look beneath your anger to the vulnerable parts of yourself. Today I try to give you an idea of the roots of my anger and the impact of growing up within an incest family. There is surprisingly little written on the relationship between C-PTSD or PTSD and anger, even though angry outbursts are part of the diagnosis. I find that only a little bit odd.

Well, here are some websites that may help you with your own concerns or you are concerned about a loved one. Regardless, check these sites out. Maybe you will find them useful.

It’s good to know what your footprint is when you are triggered. Do you fight? Do you flee? Or Do you freeze or fawn? We tend to be in one of these categories.

Trauma Responses : Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn? (childhoodtraumarecovery.com)

Pete Walker is a guy I have stumbled upon who has built up a very nice library of articles, books, audiobooks focused on Complex Post-Traumatic Stress. I highly recommend you check him out.

More and more traumatology pundits list attachment disorder as one of the key symptoms of Complex PTSD (pete-walker.com)

Here’s Pete’s website.

Pete Walker, M.A. Psychotherapy (pete-walker.com)

Here’s an organization I have just begun a relationship with. Look for my articles on their blog page coming soon.

CPTSD Foundation

There are 3 types of anger associated with Post-Traumatic Stress. Roland Bal suggests an interesting approach to taming the anger within you. Learn more about this by clicking on the link below.

Complex PTSD and Anger: Looking at The 3 Types (rolandbal.com)

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