Divided We Stand


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U.S. society is as divided as it has been in modern history. Americans cannot agree on the past, and politicians refuse to face the future. Political animus has replaced compromise and bipartisanship is the norm in Washington, as a divisive President seeks a second term.

With election season ramping up and political divisions on display, two veterans of U.S. politics-- Margaret Carlson, Columnist at The Daily Beast, and Mitch Landrieu, the former Mayor of New Orleans and founder of E Pluribus Unum-- joined Out of Order for an insightful conversation on the state of U.S. political discourse, how society became so fractured and where some solutions might be found. Above all: Is there a way out of this mess?

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Recent Op-ed from Mitch Landrieu: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/12/opinions/us-critical-conversation-gun-violence-and-white-supremacy-landrieu/index.html

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This conversation is one of a series recorded by GMF’s Rachel Tausendfreund on the sidelines of GMF’s Brussels Forum earlier this summer.

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