Frontlines of Democracy: Fighting Coronavirus, Preserving Democracy


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Fighting the Coronavirus, Preserving Democracy: A Conversation with USAID’s Brock Bierman

While the headlines focus on the world’s larger nations, the pandemic is also hitting Europe’s far corners where resources and international attention are in shorter supply. On this episode of Out of Order, produced with GMF’s Frontlines of Democracy Initiative, GMF’s senior fellow Jonathan Katz sits down with Brock Bierman, USAID’s assistant administrator for Europe and Eurasia, to discuss how the United States via USAID is working around the clock to support the response to the pandemic in regions and countries, from Italy to Ukraine to Georgia.

On top of the response to the immediate public health concerns, there are second-order challenges, included external disinformation campaigns and efforts by some governments to roll back democracy and rule of law under the fog of the coronavirus. Bierman discusses these alarming trends and the important steps that are being taken by USAID to bolster good governance, civil society, and independent media amidst an increasingly difficult environment.

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