Cruising Your Way through Cruise Booking with Captain Kate McCue


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To cruise or not to cruise - that is the question a lot of travelers are asking themselves these days. It's a big topic, and one Out Travel the System host Nisreene Atassi is grateful to tackle with the help of experts.
Captain Kate McCue shares her insights into life on board and in charge of Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Edge through her incredibly popular TikTok account. (She had 2.6 million followers when we recorded this episode of Out Travel the System, and that number keeps climbing!)
John Mast has been on more than a hundred cruises, for both fun and work. As Expedia's Sr. Director of Global Cruise Marketing, he has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry.
Listen in as they share their insights into how to pick the right cruise for you, how cruising has modernized, and some of the many places cruising can take you. They make the case that cruising may just be the vacation that can keep everyone in your traveling group happy.
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