Smoothing the Way to Spectacular Spain


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As anticipation grows for international travel, we at Out Travel the System thought this would be the perfect time to profile Spain. It's one of host Nisreene Atassi's favorite places in the world, for a long list of reasons.
Joining her on the delicious way through this episode is Chef Ramon Martinez, culinary director of Jaleo Restaurants, which operate under the umbrella of Chef Jose Andres' ThinkFoodGroup, as well as Nacho Alonso, Spain Area Manager for Expedia.
They dish on why Chef Ramon is calling in from the dry goods pantry of the restaurant, and how even that showcases a Spanish specialty. From the best beaches, to Spanish history and culture, and why a winter visit could be a good bet, this episode has it all.
Listen in for tips on when to travel to maximize your budget, and for the last word on where to get a truly authentic paella - and what exactly that means. This episode of Out Travel the System is your go-to guide on planning your first or 50th trip to Spain, and finding hidden gems even locals may not know about.

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