Tips and Tricks for Smooth July 4th Travels


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If you're thinking about getting out of town for the Fourth of July, you're not the only one! In this mini-episode, we tap into the power of Expedia's travel data to figure out not only where people are going, but when - and what that might mean for your own trip. We'll explain why heading out from the Thursday to the Tuesday might be your best bet this year to 'beat traffic.'
Listen in as host Nisreene Atassi gives you all the details you need for smooth sailing July 4th, right here on Out Travel the System. From getting away for a long weekend, to how people are heading out for a week for the Fourth of July, this is your quick handy dandy snapshot of information.

Speaking of handy dandy, here's a link to our Chicago episode: Make sure you also tune in to the Out Travel the System episode on New York later this season!

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