How to Make 2021 Your Year: Chris Sparks – The Commonalities of Peak Performance


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In this episode of Outliers, I sit down with Top 20 poker player and peak performance coach Chris Sparks to discuss performance vs productivity, the power of reflection, and putting more wood behind fewer arrows.

“If you can improve fast enough in the right areas, then the score will take care of itself.” — Chris Sparks

Chris Sparks shares a few of his favorite tools to help him stay focused—surprisingly, there aren’t any apps on this list. Instead, he favors a simple cube timer to block off high productivity time slots and a yellow notepad, where he jots down his random thoughts throughout the day.

Chris also shares his stance on taking supplements (spoiler: he’s not a huge fan of them), using productivity tools and apps (another spoiler: he thinks many of them are unnecessary), and he reveals his daily caffeine routine, which doesn’t include coffee.

Topics Discussed

  • 00:00:39 – Background on Chris and his company The Forcing Function
  • 00:05:29 – The systems thinking approach
  • 00:08:05 – Feedback loops and setting aside time for reflection
  • 00:13:39 – Questions to ask during weekly and monthly reflection time, and how to use those for productivity and progress
  • 00:27:15 – Turning away from the idea of binary outcomes such as success and failure
  • 00:32:38 – The importance of planning and course-correcting in productivity
  • 00:44:19 – Simple tools and techniques for productivity

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