A scandal at the Oscars: Marlon Brando & me


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When Hollywood legend, Marlon Brando won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Godfather in 1973, he chose not to accept it. Instead he asked a young Native American woman called Sacheen Littlefeather to go on stage, in front of a televised audience of 85 million people and reject it on his behalf. It was the first time someone had made a political point at the Oscars and would have a profound effect on Sacheen’s life and future. Now in her 70s and living with stage four breast cancer, Sacheen tells Jo Fidgen about her controversial speech. Sacheen LittleFeather is the subject of a documentary called 'Sacheen: Breaking the Silence'. Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Thomas Harding Assinder Picture: Sacheen Littlefeather Refuses Marlon Brando's Academy Award Credit: Getty Images

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